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If you’re a teen you must follow this blog.

If you’re a teen you must follow this blog.

Boots on the ground. That is what the press will write in tomorrow’s news. Yet neither the Israelis nor the people of Gaza wanted this to happen. There is only one protagonist: Islamic Fundamentalism. The worlds only ideology worshiping the ideal of killing innocent civilians while basking in the glory of the deaths of its own people.My prayers go out to the innocent people of Gaza who wanted no part in this conflict; held captive against their will by the Islamic Fundamentalist who are currently in power. My you all stay safe, out of harm’s way, and protected. I don’t want anything to happen to you, the Israeli people don’t want anything to happen to you; even our soldiers mean you no harm. I will shed no tears for the deaths of the Islamic radicals who only know hate in their hearts. You shouldn’t either. I pray for freedom from tyranny of the Islamic radicals who oppress the people of Gaza and subjugate innocent Israelis to rocket attacks as well as the constant threat of terrorism. To my friends serving gallantly in the front lines of the IDF; defending all of us from senseless hatred: May you all come home safe. May you succeed in your mission of wiping out the terrorist infrastructure in Gaza. Not just for our sakes; but also for theirs. Together let us all pray for a new generation to rise up out of Gaza; one that wants to build rather than destroy. One that values peace, cooperation, freedom & prosperity; over death & destruction. One that wants to work together to build up this part of the world; instead of tear it down. May we all know peace, tranquility & freedom from tyranny in our time. Amen.

Dizengoff Square #telaviv #israel #summer2014
Girlfriend crying over her soldier boyfriend who was killed in Gaza a few days ago. #thismuststop #stopterrorism #standwithIsrael

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